Sacred Space Holding - The Art of Spirtual Midwifery

A workshop with -

Anna The Spiritual Midwife




Bumps, Birth & Beyond is very pleased to be hosting this exciting workshop with Anna - The Spiritual Midwife.

Workshop Overview

Come together with other doulas and midwives and birth enthusiasts to sit in a sacred circle and share about all things Sacred Birth and space holding. 
Learn how to cultivate the skill of sacred space holding, why it’s needed to safeguard physiology in our over-medicalised maternity system and how to do this in every birth setting. 
Explore together why sometimes doing very little, or nothing, is more beneficial than being hands on.
Be held in a safe, confidential and loving space and share with other birth workers. We will take some time in this workshop to share in Circle, to have time together to allow your stories to come through and for you to be held as your experiences and reflections on birth and your role are heard.
During these three hours you will gain insights and learn new skills that will aid you in your birth work, you will make new connections and deepen the ones you have with your community of local birth workers, and you will feel nourished and replenished by the beautiful space, practices and people you've sat in circle with.


Wednesday, 15th March 2022

Workshop will run: 10am - 1pm.

Registration is from 9.30am, the workshop will begin at 10am SHARP.


Exchange – $95AUD

Includes workshop attendance with Anna, light refreshments, tea and coffee. Lunch is not provided.

Ticket numbers are limited.

Refund Policy

This is a non-refundable event. Once you have registered if you cannot make it on the day, you are welcome to find someone to take your place. Your ticket cannot be transferred to future events. We will do our best to try and assist you, however there are no guarantees.

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"If all women truly understood the power they hold, through claiming their rite of birth, the world would dramatically change."

About Anna

You might recognise Anna through her Natural Birth Podcast, or through her Spiritual Midwifery work. Anna is a Midwife, Woman's Work Facilitator, Yoga Teacher and Coach who's spent over a decade holding sacred space for women in Circle, One on One Sessions and walking alongside women and their families through the Transformational Rite of Passage that is Birth.

Anna has a depth of embodied wisdom when it comes to both the physiology of birth and the spiritual aspects of birth and combines her knowledge in her own birth work as a spiritual midwife as well as a mentor for others through her courses and coaching.

She speaks of birth as a rite of passage and an everyday miracle that has the power to change the world.


In her Spiritual Midwife Program Anna teaches about natural, physiological birth and how to hold a safe sacred and spiritual space and mentors aspiring Spiritual Midwives in the art of spiritual midwifery.

After years of working at home, in birth centers and hospitals and being a part of the broken maternity system that causes 1 in 3 women to experience birth trauma she chose to step out on her own as an educator and change maker and actively work to speak the truth about the power of natural physiological birth and expose the over medicalised maternity system for the harm it is causing women, babies, families and the world at large.

You can see more about Anna and all her work here: 

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